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Truelight Academy Entrance Page

About Truelight Academy & Contents

About Our Family

Beacons of Light

Sacred Art Appreciation
Sacred Music Appreciation
Recommended Resources
General Lesson Plan
Complete List of Hymns & Songs
Our 2003 List of Hymns & Songs
Weeks 1 - 5
Weeks 6 - 10
Weeks 11 - 15
Weeks 16 - 20
Weeks 21 - 25
Weeks 26 - 30
Weeks 31 - 35
Weeks 36 - 40
Weeks 41 - 45
Weeks 46 - 52
Daily Devotionals
Weekly Devotionals
The Articles of Faith
Resources for the Articles of Faith

Lesson Plans
1st Article of Faith
2nd Article of Faith
3rd Article of Faith
4th Article of Faith
5th Article of Faith
6th Article of Faith
7th Article of Faith
8th Article of Faith
9th Article of Faith
10th Article of Faith
11th Article of Faith
12th Article of Faith
13th Article of Faith

Temples of the World
Lives of the Prophets
Church History

Family Council
Family Home Evening
Family Home Evening Agenda
Personal Scripture Study
Using Church Magazines
Learning with the Friend (for ages 3 - 11)
Planning Your Week

The Arts of the Gospel
Book of Mormon
New Testament
Old Testament
Articles of Faith
Words of the Prophets

The Arts of Communication
Family Readings
Easy Readings
Journal Writing

The Arts of Thinking
Quotes for Memorization

The Arts of Mathematics
Math Suggestions

The Arts of the Social Studies
Church History
Cultural Geography
Mapping Temples

The Arts of the Natural and Scientific World
Nature/Science Suggestions

The Arts of Languages
Spanish using the Liahona

The Arts of Physical Education
Sports & Games

The Arts of Cultural Expression
Songs to Learn
Art Appreciation
Arts & Crafts

The Arts of Life
Cooking Suggestions

Personal & Family History
Sabbath Day Activities
Magnifying Church Callings
Missionary Tools & Training
Beacons of Truth
Beacon Book of the Season
Beacon Book Archives
October 2001 - Anne of Green Gables
November 2001 - Jamberry
December 2001 - The Story of the Other Wiseman
January 2002 - Educating the WholeHearted Child
February 2002 - One in a Billion
March/April 2002 - A Girl of the Limberlost
May/June 2002 - Managers of Their Homes
July/August 2002 - 1001 Rhymes & Fingerplays
Sept./Oct. 2002 - The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies
Nov./Dec. 2002 - Treasures of the Snow
Summer 2004 - Just David
Summer 2010 - Nancy Runs the Bookmobile
Nursery Age 0 Reading List
Nursery Age 1 Reading List
Preschool Age 2 Reading List
Preschool Age 3 Reading List
Kindergarten Age 4 Reading List
Kindergarten Age 5 Reading List
Primary Level Age 6 Reading List
Primary Level Age 7 Reading List
Primary Level Age 8 Reading List
Elementary Level Age 9 Reading List
Elementary Level Age 10 Reading List
Elementary Level Age 11 Reading List
Intermediate Level Age 12 - 14 Reading List 
Senior Level Ages 14 - 17 Reading List 
Series of Books for Extra Reading
Christmas Reading List
Treasuries, Anthologies, and Book Sets
Poetry, Music & Art Reading Lists
Fairy Tales
Beacons of Truth: LDS Books Reading Lists
History Reading Lists by Time Period
Science & Nature Reading Lists
Treasures of Canada: Canadian Book List
Books for Scholars: Adult Reading Lists
Beacons of Home Learning
How to Get Started
Basic Information
Books to Read
Catalogues to Order
Helpful Homeschool Sites
Developing your Philosophy of Education

Homeschool Resources
Homeschool Resources for Latter-day Saints
Homeschool Resources for the Joyful Learning Stage (Ages 0 - 5)
Homeschool Resources for the Exploring Learning Stage (Grades 1 - 6)
Homeschool Resources for the Apprentice Learning Stage (Grades 7 - 12)

Homeschool Methods
Charlotte Mason Home Education
Classical Home Education
Links for Classical and Charlotte Mason Home Education

Child-Light Books
Leadership Home Education
Unit Study Method
A Balanced Home Education

Articles and Quotes
Articles for Home Education
Quotes for Home Education & Learning

My Homeschool Email Lists

Useful Links for Homeschool
Free Worksheets Online

Beacons of Life
Priorities & Goal Setting
Priority # 1
Priority # 2
Priority # 3
Priority # 4
Priority # 5
Priority # 6
Priority # 7
Priority # 8
Home Organization
Financial Management
Physical & Mental Health
Meal Planning
Lifelong Learning
A Mother's Educational Course for Latter-day Saints 2014
Divinity Year Ten (2014)
Divinity Year Twelve (2016)
          Organization Year Ten (2014)
Education Year Twelve (2016)
          Personal Study
          Literature Year Ten (2014)
          Literature Year Twelve (2016)
          Music for LDSMomEd
          Languages for LDSMomEd
          Nature Study for LDSMomEd
          Handicrafts Year Ten (2014)
Handicrafts Year Twelve (2016)
Years One to Four (2005 - 2008)
Divinity Year One (2005)
Education Year One (2005)
Literature Year One (2005)
Music Appreciation Year One (2005)
Nature/Science Year One (2005)
Health/Physiology Year One (2005)
Handicrafts Year One (2005)
Divinity Year Two (2006)
Education Year Two (2006)
Literature Year Two (2006)
Poetry Year Two (2006)
Home & Family Year Two (2006)
History & Geography Year Two (2006)
Handicrafts Year Two (2006)
Divinity Year Three (2007)
Education Year Three (2007)
Literature Year Three (2007)
Art Appreciation Year Three (2007)
Nature/Science Year Three (2007)
Mathematics Year Three (2007)
Handicrafts Year Three (2007)
Divinity Year Four (2008)
Education Year Four (2008)
Literature Year Four (2008)
Shakespeare Year Four (2008)
Music & Art Year Four (2008)
Languages Year Four (2008)
Handicrafts Year Four (2008)

Years Five to Seven (2009 - 2011)
Divinity Year Five (2009)
Education Year Five (2009)
Literature Year Five (2009)
Music Appreciation Year Five (2009)
Nature/Science Year Five (2009)

Divinity Year Six (2010)
Education Year Six (2010)
Literature Year Six (2010)
Poetry Year Six (2010)
Home/Family Year Six (2010)
Health/Physiology Year Six (2010)
Handicrafts Year Six (2010)
Divinity Year Seven (2011) 
Education Year Seven (2011) 
Music/Art Year Seven (2011) 
Languages Year Seven (2011)
Literature Year Seven (2011) 
Health/Physiology Year Seven (2011)

Divinity Year Eight (2012)
Emergency Preparedness
Creating a Hope Chest
Time Management
Beacons of Character
Ten Year Study Plan for Character, Virtue & Ideals
List of Resources for Character Studies
Year One
Year Two
Year Three
Year Four
Year Five
Year Six
Year Seven
Year Eight
Year Nine
Year Ten

Lesson Plans for President Hinckley's Nine B's
Be Grateful
Be Smart
Be Involved
Be Clean
Be True
Be Positive
Be Humble 
Be Still
Be Prayerful

Home Education Guide

Truelight Academy Levels of Learning

Joyful Learning Stage
Nursery Age 0
Nursery Age 1
Preschool Age 2
Preschool Age 3
Kindergarten Age 4
Kindergarten Age 5

Exploring Learning Stage
Primary Grade 1
Primary Grade 2
Primary Grade 3
Elementary Grade 4
Elementary Grade 5
Elementary Grade 6

Apprentice Learning Stage
Intermediate Grade 7
Intermediate Grade 8
Intermediate Grade 9
Senior Grade 10
Senior Grade 11
Senior Grade 12

The Arts of a Balanced Home Education

The Arts of the Gospel
Gospel Overview
Standard Works
Gospel Scholarship
Gospel Literature

The Arts of Communication
Communication Overview
Beginning Reading

Kindergarten Age 5 Spelling Lists
Primary Grade 1 Spelling Lists
Sign Language

The Arts of Thinking
Thinking Overview
Critical Thinking
Thinking Skills Games
Study Skills

The Arts of Mathematics
Math Overview
Beginning Number Skills

The Arts of the Social Studies
Social Studies Overview  
World History
Book of Centuries/Timelines
World Geography
Canadian Geography
Canadian History
Canadian Government
State/Province Studies
Economics/Current Affairs
Physical Geography
Maps & Map making
United States History
United States Geography

The Arts of the Natural & Scientific World
Science Overview
Nature Studies

Trees & Shrubs of Alberta
Birds of Alberta
Mammals of Alberta
Wildflowers of Alberta
Fish, Reptiles & Amphibians of Alberta
Butterflies & Insects of Alberta
Science Beginnings
Primary/Elementary Science
Intermediate/Senior Science

The Arts of Languages
Foreign Languages Overview

Vocabulary & More
Dutch Alphabet
Dutch Vocabulary
Dutch Phrases
Dutch Songs
Dutch Worksheets
Dutch Links

The Arts of Physical Education
Physical Education Overview
Safety & First Aid

The Arts of Cultural Expression
Cultural Expression Overview
Music Appreciation

Johann Sebastian Bach
George Frederic Handel
Franz Joseph Haydn
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Art Appreciation
Theatre Arts

The Arts of Life
Manners & Etiquette
Goal Setting
Emblem Books & Emerald Boxes

Canadian LDS Homeschool Support
LDS Southern Alberta Family Educators
LDSSAFE Conference 2008

LDS Homeschool Contacts
British Columbia
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island

Provincial Information

Alberta: Registering with a School Board
Canadian Resources
Canadian Curriculum Suppliers   
Canadian Homeschool Books & Magazines
Canadian Homeschool Family Websites
Other Canadian Homeschool Links
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