A Mother's Educational Course for Latter-day Saints

Personal Study

"Try to learn something about everything, and everything about something."

-- Thomas Huxley

Personal Study Overview
We all have different interests and passions.  Choose something you have always wanted to learn about and design your own course of study in it.  

For example, I have always wanted to learn about the different writing systems in the world.  I am going to begin by learning about one or more alphabets that are different to English, such as Russian and Greek.  Then I may learn Chinese, Japanese and Korean.  Then Arabic and so on till I can recognize and write symbols in many different languages.  

You may have always wanted to study History, or Science, or a variety of topics.  This is your own choice and you can go with whatever you desire.  Maybe you want to be a better baker, or artist, or builder.  

Choose a goal, follow the steps to completing a goal and enjoy!

Steps to setting a goal:






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