A Musical Year Through Hymn & Song
by Katrina Lybbert

Weeks 36 - 40

For each hymn/song you will find a list of suggested articles, poems, lesson ideas, extra scriptures, or internet references etc.  We choose one or two of these suggestions to include in our Sunday lessons for that hymn/song. 

Week 36 (Sept. 1st, 2002)

We'll Bring the World His Truth (CS pg. 172) 

Week 37 (Sept. 8th, 2002)

The Spirit of God (Hymn # 2)  

  • This hymn was sung at the dedication of the Kirtland Temple.  It has been sung for all temple dedications since.  Read about the Kirtland temple.  Suggested articles follow.
  • Exploring: A House for the Lord (Friend - June 1993, pg. 48)
  • Exploring: First Latter-day Temple (Friend - Apr. 2002, pg. 36)
  • When Do the Angels Come? (Ensign - Apr. 1992, pg. 12)  This goes well with the line in the hymn: "And angels are coming to visit the earth."
  • Try to memorize all 4 verses of this hymn.  
Week 38 (Sept. 15th, 2002)

We Ever Pray For Thee (Hymn # 23)  

Week 39 (Sept. 22nd, 2002)

Latter Day Prophets (CS pg. 134) 

  • Try to recite the names of the prophets without singing the song.
  • Latter-day Prophets (Friend - Apr. 1995, pg. 5)
  • Latter-day Prophets (Friend - Oct. 1995, pg. 24)
  • Read favourite stories from the lives of the Latter-day prophets.  A good book is The Lord Needed a Prophet by Susan Arrington Madsen.
Week 40 (Sept. 29th, 2002)

Come, Listen To a Prophet's Voice (Hymn # 21) 

  • Prepare for General Conference by reviewing with the family the names of all the members of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.
  • Listen To a Prophet's Voice (Ensign - Jan. 1973, pg. 57)

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