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The church magazines are such a wonderful resource.  You only need to flip through the pages and you will see they are a wealth of information.  After some pondering, I felt inspired to create a resource for our family and other homeschool families using the church magazines.  Using my Arts of a Balanced Home Education as a guide you will find suggestions below for two age groups (3 - 11 years and 12 - 18 years). 

A very big thank you to all the wonderful ladies who have helped (and are still helping) me with this project.  This is a work in progress and more suggestions are still to come.

Learning with the Friend
Ages 3 - 11
created by Katrina Lybbert

For 3 - 11 year olds you can use "Learning with the Friend" as a guide for 12 weeks of homeschooling.  You can use this as a "complete" curriculum or pick and choose subject areas to add to your other personal curriculum choices.  Whether you need a break from your regular routine, an inexpensive way to homeschool, or new ideas, there is something here for everyone. 

Planning your Week

A suggested outline for using these lesson plans with 3 -11 year olds.


Arts of the Gospel

Book of Mormon
New Testament
Old Testament
Articles of Faith
Words of the Prophets


Arts of Communication

Family Readings
Easy Readings
Journal Writing


Arts of Thinking

Quotes for Memorization


Arts of Mathematics

Math Suggestions


Arts of the Social Studies

Church History
Cultural Geography
Mapping Temples


Arts of the Natural and Scientific World

Science/Nature Suggestions


Arts of Languages

Spanish using the Liahona


Arts of Physical Education

Games & Sports


Arts of Cultural Expression

Songs to Learn
Art Appreciation
Arts & Crafts


Arts of Life

Cooking Suggestions


Learning with Church Magazines
Ages 12 - 18
created by Katrina Lybbert

Future Project 

The suggestions for this age group will come from The New Era and Ensign magazines.

Available in 2008/2009

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