Truelight Academy
Beacons of Life
by Katrina Lybbert

There are many areas of life that need to be attended to on a daily basis.  As a homeschool family we are always searching for ways to balance all the needs of life with our homeschooling.  We have to find the best ways to manage our time to fit everything in.  Many times we can't fit everything in, but by planning and working hard we are able to accomplish as much as possible.  When we can organize our time appropriately we can find more time to spend as a family in fun activities.  Even with a lot of hard work, life can be very enjoyable!

We would like to share books, websites, and ideas we are using in our family that help us in the following areas of life:

~Priorities & Goal Setting~



~Home Organization~

~Financial Management~

~Physical & Mental Health~

~Meal Planning~

~Lifelong Learning~


~Emergency Preparedness~

~Creating a Hope Chest~

~Time Management~

Online Home & Life Resources

Provident Living

The Homemaking Cottage

List Organizer

LDS Natural Family Living

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