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Beacons of Life
by Katrina Lybbert


~Priorities & Goal Setting~

Many times I have had to stop and reflect on our family's lifestyle, and ponder on what is really important to us.  I have found the best way to make sure we accomplish what is most important is to establish priorities and review them often.  I would like to share my priorities to encourage others to work on something similar for them.  All families are different and have different needs, so do what works for you.  When we focus on what is most important, family life runs smoother and brings great rewards.  Follow the links for each priority to see the overall picture.

~My Priorities~

 Priority # 1: 
Sleep and Routines
 Priority # 2:
 Religion & Family Values
 Priority # 3:
 Orderly Home
 Priority # 4: 
Financial & Resource Management
 Priority # 5:
 Physical & Mental Health
 Priority # 6:
 Home Education & Lifelong Learning
 Priority # 7:
 Career Development
 Priority # 8:
Home Production & Storage

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