Truelight Academy
Beacons of Life
by Katrina Lybbert


Priority  #6: 
Home Education and Lifelong Learning

Most of the goals and priorities on this page are based on home educating my children.  The first 5 points are subjects in order of priority for us.  To see my lifelong learning goals look at the Mother's Educational Course for Latter-day Saints.

    1.  Literacy - ability to read & write

    2.  Mathematics

    3.  Music

    4.  Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language

    5.  Art & Drama

    6.  Other priorities to make home education work (in no particular order)

    • ensure daily homeschool work is completed
    • have family read aloud times
    • music practice daily
    • work on cub & scout goals
    • notebooking/portfolios
    • make educational goals
    • library visits/field trips
    • mark & grade children's work as needed
    • projects
    • homeschool website

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