Beacon Book of the Month

November 2001

by Bruce Degen

Reviewed by Katrina Lybbert

~Recommended for Ages 2 - 5~


Jamberry by Bruce Degen is a fun book!  Join a young boy and a bear as they journey through a wonderful berry land.  "Raspberry Jazzberry Razzamatazzberry Berryband Merryband Jamming in Berryland"  The story is full of rhyme and repetition sure to please every young child.  Don't be surprised if you begin to dance out of your seats!  The illustrations are fabulous with something new to discover on every page.

My thoughts:

Jamberry has not only brought joy to my life but to my children's as well.  We have spent many a happy time reading this book together.  It is hard to read this book without wanting to eat some berries afterward!  Maybe that is one thing that attracted me to the book in the first place, delicious berries!  Strawberries are my favourite by far.

As we read the book it felt like we were drawn into an imaginary land where dreams come true.  On one page the illustrations include a bread tree--slices of bread growing like apples.  It makes my children laugh every time!  I personally love the rockets that burst into berries way up in the sky!  I am glad our lives have been touched by this book.  It is a treasure in our home.

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