Sabbath Day Activities

"I call upon you, ye Latter-day Saints, to repent of your iniquities and keep the Sabbath day holy; set it aside as a day of rest, a day to meet together to perform your sacraments and listen to the words of life and thus be found keeping the commandments and setting a good example before your children.  If we do not these things, His Spirit will depart from us, and we will be left to ourselves."  --John Taylor

Sabbath Day Activities
by Katrina Lybbert

To help my family keep the Sabbath Day Holy, I made a list of activities that we could choose from to do.  By choosing uplifting and spiritual activities each Sabbath Day we feel refreshed and closer as a family.  These activities also increase our testimonies and help us develop our own personal spirituality.  I hope these ideas may be of benefit to someone else as well.

  • Read Church Magazines (Ensign, New Era, Friend).
  • Prepare future talks and lessons.
  • Prepare for Family Home Evening.
  • Learn a new hymn or primary song and continue to practice it for a week.  (See Sacred Music Appreciation)
  • Use the Gospel Art Kit or find art on the inside covers of the Ensign.  Read the scripture story that goes with the art picture.  Post the picture to look at during the week.
  • Read from children's scripture storybooks to your children.
  • Play games together as a family.
  • Work on family history (pedigree charts and family group sheets).
  • Scrapbook and journal to keep personal and family records.
  • Write letters or email to family and friends.
  • Listen to uplifting music - we play cds of the hymns for most of the day.
  • Visit extended family.
  • Dramatize & act out scripture stories.
  • Hold Family Council.
  • Have personal interviews with children.
  • Work on Spiritual Goals.
  • Memorize scriptures and hymns.
  • Read a general conference talk together as a family.
  • Children can play with quiet toys.
  • Read uplifting books.
  • Read the scriptures and ponder and study.
  • Watch scripture story videos or other church related videos.
  • Check things out of the meeting house library to read or view on Sunday.
  • Plan service projects.
  • Visit friends and family who may be in the hospital.
  • Invite someone to dinner.
  • Discuss what you learned in church that day.
  • Create a Sunday Idea Box -- with Sabbath appropriate ideas on slips of paper for children to choose from.
  • Make a list of all the things you are grateful for.
  • Tape record yourself reading the scriptures -- to give to children or listen to in the car.
  • Write Thank you notes.
  • Study Church History.
  • Share a talent with family members or others.
  • Draw pictures of scripture stories.
  • Give children LDS activity or coloring sheets to work on.
  • Choose one quote of a general authority or maybe a scripture that stands out to you during your Sabbath Day studies.  Make a small poster of this quote and post it where you will see it often through the week.


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