A Mother's Educational Course for Latter-day Saints

Nature Study

“The mother cannot devote herself too much to this kind of reading [of ‘Naturalists’ books], not only that she may
read tid-bits to her children about matters they have come across, but that she may be able to answer their queries 
and direct their observation.... The children will adore her for knowing what they want to know, and who knows but she may give its bent for life to some young mind destined to do great things for the world.” 

-- Charlotte Mason (Vol. I, 64-65.)

Nature Study Overview

There are many areas of Nature Study ie:  birds, fish, mammals, trees, flowers, astronomy, rocks and minerals, seashore, insects, reptiles, amphibians, weather and so on.  You can focus in one area or choose a different one each year.  You may wish to study with your children and learn the species native to your area.  The world is amazing and there is so much to learn.  Follow your interests and enjoy the world.  Keep a nature journal and sketchbook.  Create your own field guide.

Here are some suggested resources:
  • Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock (can get this book online from a link on this site: http://handbookofnaturestudy.blogspot.com/)
  • Nature Journal (sketchbook or a blank notebook)
  • Field Guides (appropriate to your region)
    • Suggestions:
      • National Audubon Society Field Guides
      • National Geographic Field Guides
      • Golden Field Guides from St. Martin's Press:
      • Peterson Field Guides
      • Lone Pine Field Guides





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