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Handicraft for 2014
~Cross Stitching~

Cross Stitch
Recommended Resources for 2014



  • 2001 Cross Stitch Designs: The Essential Reference Book Better Homes and Gardens
  • Cross Stitch Cards 100 by Joanne Sanderson
  • Cross Stitch: A beginner's step-by-step guide to techniques and motifs by Charlotte Gerlings
  • Jo Verso's Complete Cross Stitch Course by Jo Verso
  • The Cross Stitcher's Bible by Jane Greenoff
  • Cross Stitch Made Easy by Janis Applegate


Handicraft Overview for 2014

Focus: Cross Stitching

As a group we are going to work on Cross Stitching this year.  The levels below explain the steps to accomplishing each level.  


Choose and read at least one How-to book or magazine on cross-stitching  If this handicraft is not new to you, research books and magazines to find a project at your level.  Try to read at least one book or magazine cover to cover.  


Decide on a project and purchase all the necessary supplies.  Yes... it is as simple as that.  Make sure you have completed the Mountaineer level as well.


Complete the project that you chose at the Inspirator level.  All assignments from the previous levels must be completed.


Choose a second project.   Completely finish both projects to qualify for this achievement.  Take some pictures and share with the email list what you have created.  Enjoy!

Optionally, you could choose to work on a different or additional handicraft of your choice.  A list of possible handicrafts are: sewing, crocheting, knitting, calligraphy, cross-stitching, embroidery, hardanger, latch hooking, plastic canvas, drawing/painting, braided rugs, rubber stamping, candlemaking, soapmaking, weaving, scrapbooking, photography, cake decorating, floral arranging, macrame, stenciling, doll making, beadwork, and/or quilling.

If you choose an optional handicraft... you can complete the levels above by following the same steps for your handicraft of choice.  To get the Summiteer level you will need to complete 2 different handicraft projects of your choice.  One from each or your choices, so you would not need to do 4 projects if you are working on two different handicrafts.  For example, you could do one cross-stitching project and one rubber stamping project.  Or just 2 projects from the same handicraft.



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