Beacon Book of the Month

February 2002

One in a Billion
by Sharlee Mullins Glenn

Reviewed by Katrina Lybbert

~A wonderful family book, best suited for ages 3 - 8~


One in a Billion by Sharlee Mullins Glenn tells a wonderful message.  Using the story of a gardener and his flowers, the author shares how special and unique each individual is.  A daisy is overwhelmed by all the flowers in the garden around her and wonders how the gardener could possibly love her.  Encouraged by a conversation with a robin, the daisy asks the gardener an important question.  The answer is a wonderful discovery we can all learn from.

My thoughts:

This story tells a message I think every parent should share with their children.  My children have enjoyed this story, but I think I may enjoy it even more!  The illustrations are beautiful and greatly add to the message.  It is hard to read this book and not remember how important each individual person is.  We are children of God and He loves us, every one.   For a wonderful boost of self-esteem, I highly recommend this book.


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