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I love learning with my children at home.  I am very grateful that there is so much in this world to learn!  I would like to share ideas, resources, links, and other information in many areas of home learning.  You will find information on the different ways to homeschool, how to get started, learning styles, and resources available.  You will also find links to online resources in many academic subject areas our family enjoys learning about.  Learning is an adventure that never ends!  Enjoy! 

~Katrina Lybbert
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My Homeschool Email Lists

We are a group of Latter-day Saint homeschool moms actively pursuing our own self-education. Our studies are based on the course outlines for A Mother's Educational Course for Latter-day Saints, which have been developed to help us each become better persons, mothers, and home educators.  We hope this group will be a source of encouragement to like-minded sisters as we pursue our individual studies.

Welcome to an online support group for LDS homeschooling families living in Canada.  No matter what method you use to homeschool, you are welcome here. Let's discuss ways to teach our children about our country, share ideas to teach the gospel in our homes, and help each other with any issues related to homeschooling in Canada. This list is designed for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but others are welcome if they will accept our standards and beliefs. 

This list is for families living in Alberta, who wish to implement a leadership model of education in their home. The method is described in A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver Van DeMille. The hope is that we can reach out in support to each other, find others who are willing to get together for group discussions, and possibly have yearly get togethers as a whole group.

This list was created to support families using ideas from the Brightly Beaming Nursery Curriculums found on the Letter of the website. Babies are ready to learn right from birth. We can give our little ones a great start in life by providing many basic learning experiences. Come and share ideas with other parents of babies and toddlers

Letter of the Week
This list offers support for those using either the Preparatory or Letter of the Week curriculums found at Letter of the
We welcome families who are using any part of these programs in their homes to join us. Let us know how things are working for you. Send in any ideas that you have used with your children. Let us help each other in the pursuit of educating these little ones well.

This list offers support for families who are interested in using Brightly Beaming Resources for Kindergarten at home. Here you can discuss and share ideas related to the various Kindergarten curriculums, such as Sound of the Week, on the Letter of the website. Any discussion on educating and parenting 4 and 5 year old children is also welcome

This is a support list for families homeschooling 6 - 8 year old children who wish to use ideas and free curriculum from Brightly Beaming Resources. Discussion on methods of homeschool, curriculum choices, and resources used is also encouraged. Let us help our children develop a love of learning to last a lifetime. 

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