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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
A composer study by Katrina Lybbert

This study is planned to last 5 weeks.  The first week we read aloud the chapter on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers by Patrick Kavanaugh.  We then choose one musical composition by Mozart to listen to during the week.  The selection can be played as background music during mealtimes.  We choose a different musical composition of this composer to listen to each week, and our five selections are listed below. We also read biographies, watch video recordings, listen to audio recordings, or research information about this composer on the internet, for the remaining 4 weeks of study.  Resource suggestions we have found and liked are listed below.


Music Selections for Listening

Week One

Eine kleine Nachtmusik

Week Two

Overture to "The Marriage of Figaro"

Week Three

Rondo alla Turca

Week Four

Symphony No. 41, "Jupiter"

Week Five


There are also many great selections on the Mozart Effect for Children Cds.

Books to Read

Mozart by Ann Rachlin (Famous Children)
Young Mozart by Rachel Isadora
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by John Malam (Tell Me About)
Mozart by Greta Cencetti (The World of Composers)
Introducing Mozart by Roland Vernon
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Mike Venezia (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers)
Mozart and Classical Music by Francesco Salvi (Masters of Music)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Richard Tames (Lifetimes)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Musician by Carol Greene (People of Distinction Biographies)

Audio Recordings

Mozart's Magic Fantasy (Classical Kids)
Mozart's Magnificent Voyage (Classical Kids)
Mozart, The Miracle Maestro (Ann Rachlin's Classical Music and Stories)
The Story of Mozart in Words and Music (Music Masters Series)

Internet Resources

The Mozart Project
Classical Music Pages: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Alexandre H. Hohmann's Mozart Page
Mozart's Magical Musical Life

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