A Musical Year Through Hymn & Song
by Katrina Lybbert

General Lesson Plan Outline

Every Sunday we teach a new hymn or song using the lesson plan suggestions below.  We then sing the hymn or song as part of our daily morning devotional during the following week.  Other optional ideas for daily practice and review are included below.


1.  Play the CD recording of the new hymn or song a few times while the family listens.  (May also be played on the piano.)  While listening to the music, or right after, read through the words of the hymn/song.

2.  Read the message/story for the hymn from the book:  "Our Latter-day Hymns: The Stories and the Messages" by Karen Lynn Davidson OR choose a teaching activity/thought/lesson for the children's song from the book: "A Children's Songbook Companion" by Pat Graham, Mary Gourley, Trudy Shipp, and Linda Stewart.

3.  Sing through the hymn or song.

4.  Read the scripture reference(s) noted on the same page as the hymn or song (bottom right corner).

5.  Choose from the following suggestions.  (Suggested articles, poems, lesson ideas, extra scriptures, internet references etc., are listed for each hymn or song on the weekly pages - i.e.: Weeks 1 - 5, Weeks 6 - 10, and so on.)

  • Read an article from a church magazine related to the message of the hymn or song. 
  • Read a poem that either reflects the same message or may have been written by the same lyricist.
  • Teach a simple lesson on a topic or theme related to the hymn or song.
  • Read more scriptures related to the message.
  • Look up a related topic on the internet.
6.  Sing through the hymn or song again.


Sing the hymn/song daily.  We do this during our morning devotional.

Play the CD recording of the hymn/song often.

Encourage a child/adult who can play an instrument to learn to play the hymn/song.

Practice conducting the hymn/song and let a different family member lead each day.

Use the text of the hymn /song or use one of the related scriptures for copywork practice.  The copywork can then be made into a book - a family songbook!


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