Family Home Evening

"Families who prayerfully prepare and consistently hold their weekly Home Evenings, and work together during the week to apply the lessons in their lives, will be blessed.  There will be better feelings between husband and wife.... In such homes the Spirit of the Lord will be made manifest."    ~ David O. McKay

Family Home Evening Lessons

There are many great resources for lessons.  The first resources we turn to are those provided by the church.  The Family Home Evening Resource Book can be used over and over again.  To find fresh material to go along with the lessons I like to use the church magazines.  

We like to use Family Home Evening as the time to teach the doctrines of the gospel.  Gospel Principles and Gospel Fundamentals are great resources for doing so.  Our children like to have a turn teaching a lesson, but because they don't always choose a doctrinal topic, we have a parent teach a lesson as well.  Lessons do not have to be long.

A couple of sites I like to reference when looking for new ideas are:

Family Home Evening is looked forward to in our family.  It is a night enjoyed by all.  The lesson is the most important part of the evening, but the games, songs, treats and other activities are not to be missed!

Family Home Evening Agenda

We have found a way to make our Family Home Evenings run smoothly by creating a weekly agenda.  Each week we post the agenda on our fridge so we will be constantly reminded of our responsibilities for the coming week.  Each member of the family has an assignment and when we have chosen our lesson topic, or songs, or activity, etc., we fill it in on the agenda.  The agenda also keeps a record of our Family Home Evenings.  It is nice to look back over the agendas and see what we have done in the past.  There is a place on the agenda to write in thoughts about how the evening went.  This is usually done by one of the parents who conducted that evening.

To view our Agenda in pdf format you will need to have adobe acrobat reader.

Family Home Evening Agenda

We hope you will find this as useful as we have!

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