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~Foreign Languages Overview~

Learning different languages is of great interest in our home.  We believe teaching our children a foreign language can begin right from birth.  We start by exposing them to the sounds of many different languages through audio recordings. This can improve their chances for learning those languages when they are older. 

By the time our children are 2 or 3 years old they begin to join the family in learning songs in a variety of languages.  The Teach Me Tapes are our favourite resource for learning these songs. 

We have chosen one language to be our family's main focus.  This language is French.  Since we live in Canada we feel this is a useful language to know as well as the fact it is spoken in many areas around the world.  Bilingualism can be hard to achieve, but if possible we would like to have French as a second language.

Classical languages are also studied from age 10 & up in our home.  Learning Latin and Greek has greatly improved our understanding of languages, including English.  Read an article on reasons why you should study these languages from Trivium Pursuit.  In addition to studying Latin and Greek we feel a short study in Hebrew is worthwhile.

One year our family decided to spend some time studying Dutch.  We learned some basic phrases and words in this language.  We also learned about the country of the Netherlands.

As any member of our family becomes interested in learning a new language, we will encourage it and provide the resources to accomplish it.  Some languages family members have expressed interest in are: German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Danish.

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