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Resources and Vocabulary
by Katrina Lybbert

The Little Toy Land of the Dutch

Away 'way off 'cross the seas and such,
Lies the little flat land of the Dutch, Dutch, Dutch,

Where the green toy meadows stretch off to the sea,
With a little canal where a fence ought to be.

Where the windmills' arms go round, round, round,
And sing to the cows with a creaky sound;

Where storks live up in the chimney top,
And wooden shoes pound, plop, plop, plop!

Where little toy houses stand in a row, 
And dog-carts clattering past them go;

Where milk cans shine in the shiniest way,
And the housemaids scrub, scrub, scrub all day;

Where dykes keep out the raging sea,
And shut in the land as cosy as can be.

Oh, that little toy land, I like it much,
that prim little, trim little, land of the Dutch!

~~Author Unknown

~Family Unit~

    We studied Dutch as a family during the school year 2002/2003.  This language study was done along with a culture study of The Netherlands.  We didn't study Dutch to become fluent in the language, but to gain an awareness of the language and to be able to pronounce Dutch words.  It is nice to be able to read books such as Hans Brinker and be able to say the words correctly.  The study of other languages is of great interest to our family.  We hope that by sharing what we have done others may find joy in undertaking a similar study.

    ~Our Main Resources~

    VocabuLearn Dutch Level 1

    Essential Dutch Grammar
    by Henry Stern

    Dutch: A Complete Course for Beginners (Teach Yourself Books) 
    by Lesley Gilbert & Gerdi Quist

    Hugo Language Course: Dutch In Three Months
    by Jane Fenoulhet

    Hippocrene Children's Illustrated Dutch Dictionary: English - Dutch/ Dutch - English

    101 Languages of the World (Transparent Language)

    Berlitz Dutch Phrase Book & Dictionary

    ~Vocabulary & More~

    Dutch Alphabet
    Dutch Vocabulary
    Dutch Phrases
    Dutch Songs
    Dutch Links


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