A Musical Year Through Hymn & Song
by Katrina Lybbert

Weeks 16 - 20

For each hymn/song you will find a list of suggested articles, poems, lesson ideas, extra scriptures, or internet references etc.  We choose one or two of these suggestions to include in our Sunday lessons for that hymn/song. 

Week 16 (Apr. 14th, 2002)

Beautiful Savior (CS pg. 62)

Week 17 (Apr. 21st, 2002)

I Believe in Christ (Hymn # 134) 

Week 18 (Apr. 28th, 2002)

Home (CS pg. 192) 

Week 19 (May 5th, 2002)

From Homes of Saints Glad Songs Arise (Hymn # 297)

Week 20 (May 12th, 2002)

I Often Go Walking (CS pg. 202)

  • Go for a walk where you can find wildflowers.  Gather some to bring home as a gift for mother.
  • Sing other songs for Mother's Day found on pages 203, 206, 207 & 208 of the Children's Songbook.
  • Mother (Friend - May 1982, inside front cover)
  • A Tribute to Mothers (Friend - May 1981, inside back cover)
  • Encourage your children to write a poem about their mother.  This could be an assignment for Dad to follow through with, before the devotional on this song.  The children can then read their poems as part of the lesson.

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