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Our favourite resources for grammar are:  First Language Lessons, Primary Language Lessons, Intermediate Language Lessons, Simply Grammar, Harvey's Elementary Grammar and Composition, Harvey's Revised English Grammar and The First Whole Book of Diagrams.

We start grammar instruction beginning in Primary Grade 1.  We feel that learning grammar is important to developing good writing skills.  The Harvey Grammar books that we use in the upper grades are excellent and will prepare our children for college.  We feel learning to diagram is helpful and therefore we use the Whole Book of Diagrams as part of our children's grammar training.  Below you can see the sequence we use the above listed books.

Primary Grades 1 & 2:  

Primary Grades 2 & 3:   Elementary Grades 4 - 6: Intermediate Grades 7 & 8: Senior Grades 9 - 12:

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