A Musical Year Through Hymn & Song
by Katrina Lybbert

Weeks 46 - 52

For each hymn/song you will find a list of suggested articles, poems, lesson ideas, extra scriptures, or internet references etc.  We choose one or two of these suggestions to include in our Sunday lessons for that hymn/song. 

Week 46 (Nov. 10th, 2002)

God of Our Fathers, Known of Old (Hymn # 80)

  • The words to this hymn were written by Rudyard Kipling.  Mention or read some of the other works written by this author such as The Jungle Book or Just So Stories.
  • Visit this web site on Kipling,The Kipling Society, and read some of his poems.
  • The Path to Peace (Ensign - May 1994, pg. 60)
  • Read poems for Remembrance Day (Nov. 11th in Canada).
Week 47 (Nov. 17th, 2002)

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus (CS pg. 57)

  • Let each family member tell, in their own words, a favourite story of Jesus.
  • Read favourite stories of Jesus in the New Testament or Book of Mormon.
  • Tell Me Some Stories of Jesus (Ensign - Apr. 1996, pg. 8)
  • The Stories of Jesus (New Era - Dec. 1996, pg. 21)
Week 48 (Nov. 24th, 2002)

Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus (CS pg. 36)

Week 49 (Dec. 1st, 2002)

Because I Have Been Given Much (Hymn # 219)

Week 50 (Dec. 8th, 2002)

The First Noel  (Hymn # 213) 

  • Learn some history and additional verses of The First Nowell.
  • Imagine what it was like for the Shepherds on that first Christmas night.
  • Learn to sing this hymn in parts - SATB.
Week 51 (Dec. 15th, 2002)

The Nativity Song (CS pg. 52)

  • Read the Christmas story in Luke 2:1-16 while acting out the Nativity.  Family members may dress up if desired.
  • Doorstep Nativity (New Era - Dec. 2001, pg. 11)
  • Why the Nativity? (New Era - Dec. 1993, pg. 51)
  • Make, or purchase, a Nativity set as a family, or put up a set you already own.
Week 52 (Dec. 22nd, 2002)

Silent Night (Hymn # 204)

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