A Mother's Educational Course
for Latter-day Saints

~Course Overview~

New for 2010, this course now has 4 levels of achievement.  The levels are organized so you can do as little or as much of the course as time allows.  You will be able to work at your own pace and still feel you are accomplishing great things no matter how much you finish.  You can choose to complete the 1st level in 1 or more subject areas... or continue and work in more advanced levels as you desire.  Make it work for you.  Substitutions of course material is allowed, just share with the list what you are doing instead.  Certificates of accomplishment will be made available at the end of 2010.

Levels of Achievement

(You will notice the course level names were adapted from the old YWMIA Camp program.)

Level One - Mountaineer

You begin climbing your "mountain" with the basics of the course.  Suggestions at this level will be from easily available material and many of the things you would probably be doing anyway.

Level Two - Inspirator

At this level we begin to motivate and "inspire" each other to accomplish more of the course.  It is just a little bit more.... you can do it!!!!

Level Three - Adventurer

To accomplish this much of the course we are pretty "adventurous" mothers, considering all we are doing in our busy lives.  Such accomplishment for one will be celebrated by all.

Level Four - Summiteer

If you accomplish everything, for either one subject, or for the whole course, you have reached the summit.  It is possible if you reach for it.  Never give up.  Maybe not this year or the next... but keep reaching and you will accomplish your dreams.  


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